old love notes

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 11:00 AM

i found this while browsing a few facebook notes i found when i just started writing sometime in November 2008.
i hope it was still true though.
because damn! i miss that feeling of wanting and being wanted back.

you are there, day in and day out despite the fact that sometimes our connections and state of mind are a bit out of whack (blame alcohol on this one!)
on most nights i would wait for a word you would feed me with even if its only a simple "hello!"
with my head running around in circles i would wanna dial your number in hopes you would pick up and not be in a crowded place having fun without me.
so i call during the aftermath because then you would have become sober so that i can tell you why i'm calling.
i usually say because i am bored or i'll find a pathetic excuse.
behind the message is because i am usually panicking and i thought of you.
when you joke on how because i miss you and then laugh, i know you know its true because then your voice change and you would say "i miss you too"
i tell you everything I usually don't tell anyone else.
and you tell me things which sometimes wanna make me weep senseless but i won't in your presence cause you wouldn't want that.
i know you like holding my hand just to tease me and sometimes to make me nervous so that i can talk and talk without understanding anything i just said.
you entertain yourself with my flaws. so do i with yours.
how easy for me to be myself.
just us against the world i said.

we'll see how things goes. none of us expects much.

lets take a ride shall we? ;)

you are my Mr-Days-of-the-Week.
you. yes. you.



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