Tuesday, January 5, 2010 12:20 AM

(anya loves MY boobs. tee hee!!)

the year 2010 so far:

i have yet smoked a cigarette since my new years eve celebration which by the way was chilled out just like how i wanted. a night spent at a random second-option pub & a random hotel room of a friend's friend's sister turned out better than what i initially planned. laughing out loud in a room of strangers & lovers. 40 minutes of drinking games which tire us all due to age. then the rest of the days of the new year were spent in my room having more than enough sleep and naps which would put any sloths to shame.

i wish i started off with a nice kick in the bum thus making me work like a mare for the upcoming semester-to-end-all-semesters. 3 months and i'm officially out; thrown into a working world that i am starting to dread and get excited about at the same time.

so far, no resolutions, no heavy-duty future planning. just a mental reminder to NOT SCREW THIS YEAR UP. that should be enough to cover everything.


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