what to (hopefully) expect in 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009 1:38 PM

with the new year creeping in less than 10 hours, i've compiled a list of things i want to expect in the coming year. some may make no sense what-so-ever but you'll never know when they might actually happen. this year for example, we didn't think Michael Jackson will die nor will America elect a black president. so here's a list for i-told-you-so purposes in case it really happens and you know i was the first to come up with them.

1. Megan Fox sex tape: this shameless vixen is not shy that she's into sex. A LOT. as she has openly admitted to magazine interviews since she appeared in Transformers. so yes, a Megan Fox sex tape with preferably someone hotter than Brian Austin would be better. or some girl-on-girl action (read: lesbian tendencies surfacing)

2. Daniel Radcliffe coming out of the closet: not that i was ever a HUGE fan of this actor nor do i despite him to the highest degree, but he somewhat gives me a gay vibe since he first appeared. maybe its a British thing, but still... Harry Potter gay? now that would be cool. plus the parents' of HP fans' reaction would be almost priceless.

3. Religious themed movies: in 2008 up until 2009, most of the blockbuster movies revolved around the ideology of the ending and dying world with hidden environmental messages for us mankind to start saving the planet before we are all doomed to die tragically (The Day the Earth Stood Still, 20120, Avatar...). so i'm predicting there would be more religious themed movies to scare us with the impending doom. probably movies revolving more on the 7 deadly sins would be awesome or something more DaVinci-esque.

4. Dungarees would be in again: okay maybe it will look much more fashionable with better fits and colors. people are starting to wear those suspenders again with jeans, shorts and even skirts. so i don't see why dungarees isn't happening.

5. The Wham hair-do will be cool: okay so maybe i'm being a bit bias because i'm currently digging the hair. with my hair growing almost 10% there, i am lacking options to style it. thus the Wham-do. but you'll see, all the cool people will have it...

6. The big bang in the Indie & Electro scene: listening to MTV & Radio fed music will no longer be cool which would lead to many turning to podcasts and going for more gigs. which in time will bring radio and tv to start playing Noah & The Whale. then what? we will start dusting off our cassette players and start listening to A1, Spice Girls & Five again, thats what!

7. Nokia what? Samsung what?: everyone will either own Iphones or blackberries. the pandemic is starting now.

8. Alcohol pills: shots? yeah sure... lemme grab some water first. why bother with the messy liquid in crowded clubs where you can't hold a table long enough before people start bumping into you. and pity that guy who has to stay by the table keeping tabs on ALL the women handbags and to guard the drinks from desperate and snicky patrons. let everyone have fun; pop a few alcohol pills and you're good to go!

9. i'm not cheating, i'm just casually dating: with the abundance of males and females to choose from to have a good time, people are less willing to be tied down thus everyone will be casually dating everyone else with not much of an exclusivity.

10. nothing will surprise you anymore: the rise of violent crimes, drastic fashion trends, errectic weather forecasts, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, boys in high heels, bald girls, models coming up with albums, suicidal celebrities... its old news. what more can we ask for? i'm already expecting snow in my back yard in the middle of the hottest season of the year in KL. and i'm already expecting Miley Cyrus with a DUI & exiting her car without any panties on. so i think in 2010 we will be calmer people as we can easily shrug things off. or in all extreme-ends there would be those close-minded freaks who are ALWAYS there to spoil the fun. again, what IS new?


Anonymous said...

oh god. no #1 please.

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