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Friday, March 5, 2010 10:36 AM

tarik mikou

last night i went on Omeagle & started chatting up with random strangers while on Skype with Chibs. it was late & i was drastically bored thus why the random chat-up. i've forgotten how it was like to chat to random strangers; potential pedophiles/sex deviant. it shows how scary the internet has become. when i was still a kid, i used to go to and spend hours talking to various strangers online. i'll switch into different alter egos, start yapping away in Malay finding it hilarious that these Americans believing every vulgar cuss word to be compliments. little things like these kept me occupied for quite some time. now the mere thought of going online to randomly talk to people will ultimately lead to some sort of sexual encounter with a middle-aged man probably flashing his hairy dick in front of the webcam going "suck it, baby... suck it!" ah, the internet! so last night between hysterically laughing while typing lines like "i wanna drizzle chocolate all over your body" to some kid in New York, i cannot help but wonder if that person is just like me laughing with his mates about how messed up random chats like these are. if he was indeed like me, he'll have a friend there telling him how lifeless and sad his life is doing this. my reminder came from Chibs; all the way from Sydney.

oooh i found a little irony (well sorta) in the pictures above. a little girl and woody allen? well that dude did marry his step-daughter. a little messed up but hey anything can happen these days.


Scarlett Haines said...

Wow - this Art is mindblowing fucking amazing ! thanks for sharing wowan! I found more of his/her work!

Tarik Mikou = my new fave artist!

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