i just ate chicken

Friday, March 5, 2010 10:07 PM

jonathan leder

i wish i could say i was into girls but then i would be doing it simply as a form of social experiment rather than actually knowing that i was into girls in the first place. unfortunately my sexual desires towards females are as close as me forming a relationship with the moon on a nice cloudless Sunday night. the point is, i am bored & i need some sort of excitement or the nice-kind of drama in my life to jump start the already dead section of my brain for feelings & emotions. i think i am getting fatter because my heart has yet to be jump-started with erratic fluctuations in rate which is kinda like a minor cardio-workout plan your body gives out when you are in-like with someone. the gedikness feeling actually helps you lose weight with the butterfly feeling in your tummy making you eat less. well that is the only way i can think of for losing weight (i meant the easy & lazy way).


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