lesbian girls hate boys who loves lesbian girls

Friday, April 9, 2010 7:50 PM

a few days after a got to Sydney i started googling intersting places for things to do. so i considered checking out the indie scene here because i have no intention whatsoever to do tourist-y things like dropping by places to buy UGG-ly shoes or koalas. so i actually found a lesbian indie night which takes place every thursday. the place was at one of the dingiest part of town because on the same row as the club were bondage stores, gay guys apparel & punk shops. i fell in love!
not that i was still into the whole crazy clubbing scene but once in awhile i do miss my electro music nights since they come rarely these days.
i imgained hot Shane-like girls, hot butch girls, sexy pixie blonds but unfortunately with the tag of "lesbian indie scene", you'll have a long trail of penises straddling along. the place had probably the same ratio as women & i am not complaining because unlike getting muka pecah ones in KL, the people here have character. pierced, tattood & fucking awesome sense of fashion *swoooon*
the place felt like a house party with the dingy decorations & peeling carpets. the building itself was one of those old buildings with a peeling paint-job, creaking stairwells, and termites-eaten wood. just like how an underground party should.

plus in true lesbian fashion they played Teaches of Peaches! :)

& YAY this Saturday there would be an Easter Special! so apa lagi?!


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